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Midwood dental implants

Cosmetic Dentist in Midwood

If you have missing teeth, you probably are thinking about a good way to replace them. At the office of Abraham Esses, DDS we offer many teeth replacement procedures including dentures, dental implants and bridges. At our office we have been providing expert dental care for over 20 years to members of the Flatbush community. When you are thinking about getting Midwood dental implants you should contact our office so you can benefit from the services of our highly-skilled cosmetic and restorative dentist.

By now, many people have heard that dental implants are a great way to replace missing teeth. However, as you may know, getting dental implants are an expensive, and somewhat lengthy process. Additionally, not all people are good candidates for dental implants, and may even need a bone graft procedure to qualify. And of course, this only adds to the cost and length of time the entire procedure will take. That is why we are very happy to offer mini implants as a great alternative for many of our patients who want to replace missing teeth. Midwood dental implants  have never been easier or more cost-effective to get.

Mini implants are actually implants that are made to securely hold dentures. They offer many benefits to our patients, and are considered a great alternative to regular implants. Mini implants are a smaller diameter than regular implants so they can be successfully implanted to even thin jaw bones. Sometimes, they are the only implant solution when health concerns or jaw bone problems make a patients poor candidates for regular dental implants. The surgery required to place a mini implant is much less invasive than the surgery for a regular implants. Mini implants are made of only one piece, so that part of the implant is in the bone and part of it is above the gum. There is not the healing time that is needed with regular implants. And the cost of mini implants is much, much less than the cost for regular dental implants. The mini implant will be used to hold your denture securely in place. The denture will never slip or fall out of your mouth. You can confidently eat and talk without any of the fears usually associated with dentures; you will be able to feel completely secure in the fact that your dentures will not cause you any embarrassment whatsoever. So if you are interested in Midwood dental implants  to replace missing teeth, contact our office today to make an appointment to see Dr. Esses.

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