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Brooklyn dentist

Brooklyn dentist

Do lost or missing teeth put a damper in your day? Call your local Brooklyn dentist, Dr. Abraham Esses, DDS, to receive the support and treatment you need to complete your smile. You’ll be showing off your pearly whites in no time!

At the office of Dr. Abrham Esses, DDS, it’s our mission to provide the highest-quality dental care to our fellow members of the Flatbush community and its surrounding area. For over 20 years, our friendly and skilled staff have combined state-of-the-art equipment and innovative dental techniques to create an unparalleled level of care for our patients. We proudly provide a wide variety of services including oral examinations, preventative care, dental fillings, gum treatment, crowns and caps, bridges and dentures, veneers, dental implants, tooth whitening, extractions, pediatric dental care, and Invisalign. If you’re seeking a Brooklyn dentist to help you with your denture-related needs, you just found him. But what exactly are dentures, and are they right for you? Dentures allow for people with lost or missing teeth to regain the appearance of a smooth, beautiful smile, maintaining face shape and alleviating the stress patients often put on their bite when supportive teeth are missing. The process by which this is done involve dental appliances called bridges, which help replace missing teeth with artificial teeth. A bridge can be made from gold alloys, porcelain, or a combination of all of these materials. With fixed bridges, these structures are bonded onto surrounding teeth so that the artificial teeth can be supported and locked into place. Dentures are more commonly associated with removable bridges, which can be removed from the mouth many times a day for cleaning.

If you’re curious about whether you might be a good candidate for removable prosthodontics or dentures in particular, call Dr. Abraham Esses, DDS our Brooklyn dentist today!

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