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Midwood Brooklyn Dentist

Removable prosthodontics in Brooklyn

Midwood Brooklyn dentist

Midwood Brooklyn dentist

Losing your teeth can change many different aspects of your life. It change how your facial profile looks when you mouth is closed, and it can change the way that your overall bite looks when you open your mouth to speak or to smile. It can also have a significant effect on how you eat as well, and this can have a negative impact on your overall dental health. In order to prevent this from occurring and in order to restore your smile’s appearance, you will need to look into dental restoration methods. Our Midwood Brooklyn dentist, Abraham Esses, DDS can explore your options and can even provide you with removable prosthodontics-dentures and partials.

There are several options available to most patients who are missing teeth, but either way, replacing any teeth that have been loss can be extremely beneficial. The loss of teeth can initially cause damage of its own, especially if the teeth were lost due to tooth decay. Having an incomplete bite can put a significant amount of strain on your jaw and on any remaining teeth, which may actually cause them to shift in place. In order to improve your dental health, as well as your appearance, you will want to consider dental replacement methods like bridges and dentures. Dentures are a good option for people who have lost a significant amount of teeth, whether in batches or all of them in a row. Removable prosthodontics can be taken out or left in, depending on your preferences and will be made by our Midwood Brooklyn dentist to suit your mouth in size and shape. Dentures are artificial teeth set into a gum-like looking base. These devices can be inserted and set in place in your mouth where needed, often secured with a safe adhesive paste.

Partials are great for people who are missing sets or spots of teeth, whereas full dentures are required for people who are missing entire rows of teeth. No matter what, we here at the dental offices of Abraham Esses, DDS can help you get the exact kind of dentures you need. Call us today to schedule an appointment with our Midwood Brooklyn dentist. There, you can find out what method of tooth replacement is best for you and your dental health.

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