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Are you concerned about your next steps in smile restoration? Prosthodontics can be an effective and affordable means of replacing missing teeth and regaining both your self-confidence and your ability to enjoy your favorite foods, but like all big changes in life, patients should be prepared for a period of adjustment. Fortunately, today’s latest advances in oral healthcare and technology have made the process of adjusting to life with dentures easier than ever before. For the easiest transition into your new beautiful smile, simply visit the experts at your local dentist in Flatlands at the offices of Abraham Esses, DDS.

Flexible Dentures Flatlands

Flexible Dentures Flatlands

Dentures are one of the most affordable and non-invasive ways to restore your smile against damage and decay, and can actively work to improve your oral health as well as your dental beauty. If you are getting used to your very first pair of dentures, your trusted dentist in Flatlands will recommend a diet of soft foods for your first day. This allows your gums to become accustomed to the feeling of dentures far more gently, and allows you to become accustomed to the feeling of having teeth in your mouth again. Flexible dentures can often make adjustment far easier as well, while firmer dentures often provide greater stain resistance.

During the first two weeks, patients will often experience increased saliva as your mouth begins to adjust to what it currently believes to be a foreign object inside it at all times. In some cases sore spots can occur. If you experience sore spots, these can be easily remedied by rinsing the mouth with warm salt water. Sore spots that occur persistently may require an adjustment in your dentures due to a change in the size of your gum lines, and as such you should never hesitate to contact your dentist if sore spots persist for longer than two weeks. By the second week saliva flow should begin to return to normal, and sore spots should begin to dissipate. At this time patients should begin to use a dental adhesive in order to improve the fit and feel of their dentures as needed. Dental adhesives can greatly assist patients in eating their favorite foods without difficulty. With proper guidance and assistance from your professional dentist in Flatlands, you can be fully adjusted to your dentures in one month.

To find out how you can get the perfect fit for your dentures in your unique lifestyle, simply visit the experts at your neighborhood dentist in Flatlands. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team at the offices of Abraham Esses, DDS have been proudly serving your local community for over 20 years. With dental prosthodontics from the dental health care professionals of Abraham Esses, DDS you can enjoy the beautiful smile you deserve.

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