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Removable prosthodontics in Brooklyn

Brooklyn dentist

Brooklyn dentist

Losing teeth can be difficult in many ways. Not only does the loss of teeth affect your appearance and the way you feel about the way you look, but it can make things like eating and speaking much more difficult. Additionally, it can put a lot of strain on your bite that can damage your general sense of dental health over time. All of these side effects combined should urge you to replace your teeth as soon as you can. If you happen to be in need of dental care regarding missing teeth, then our Brooklyn dentist Abraham Esses, DDS is here to help provide you with the care that you need, and he may even be able to provide you with removable prosthodontics-dentures and partials.

By restoring your smile, you will also be restoring your dental health. Continuing to live with missing teeth can have a damaging effect on your overall oral health as time wears on and you may need additional and more intensive work done in the future in order to rectify it. But with the help of our Brooklyn dentist Abraham Esses, DDS you may be able to find a solution when it comes to filling in your smile once more. In general, prosthodontics of some kind are generally used to help restore and replace missing teeth. Removable prosthodontics can easily be taken out or placed back in depending on what you are doing, too, so they can be very convenient and easy to maintain. Additionally, you will not require surgery in order to have them put in either. Dentures are used to replace entire rows of teeth whereas partials can replace sections of teeth instead. In either case. Dr. Esses will create a prosthodontic appliance that suits your needs while also matching any remaining teeth that you have and suiting the overall appearance of your mouth so that it looks as natural as possible.

If you have missing teeth, then our Brooklyn dentist can help you restore your smile and your dental health. With the help of custom made removable prosthodontic dentures and partials, your smile can be complete once more.

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