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Bad breath in Sheepshead Bay

Dentist office Sheepshead Bay
Dentist office Sheepshead Bay

Many people have experienced bad breath at some point. Whether it’s due to an excess of garlicky food, strong onions, or lack of mint or the ability to brush after a meal, most everyone knows what it’s like to have bad breath. But if your bad breath persists, you may may have another problem, and that problem may be halitosis. With the help of our dentist Abraham Esses, DDS here at our dentist office in Sheepshead Bay, you can learn more about this condition and get help for it at the same time.

Usually, when bad breath strikes, it’s easy to figure out the cause. Once you know the reason behind your bad breath, especially when it’s food related, it becomes easier to get rid of effectively. For the most part, having good oral hygiene will help prevent bad breath in many cases. But if you have tried every method you can think of and still suffer from bad breath without probable cause, then you may have another issue to consider. Halitosis is another word for chronic bad breath, where a lingering bad smell remains even when you take good care of your oral and dental health. This includes eating healthy, drinking water, abstaining from smoking or tobacco use, brushing and flossing regularly, visiting your dentist for routine cleanings, everything – but still nothing seems to work. If this is the case, then Abraham Esses, DDS can help. Here at our dentist office Sheepshead Bay, Dr. Essess can examine your mouth, provide a diagnosis and discuss halitosis treatment options.

If you feel as if bad breath or halitosis is affecting your life, then contact our dentist office in Sheepshead Bay today. Our bad breath expert, Abraham Esses, DDS, will provide you with the complete attention and care that you need to treat your halitosis.

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