Midwood clear braces

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Clear braces in Midwood

Many adults are now seeking treatment for orthodontic problems, such as an uneven bite and crooked teeth that weren’t addressed during their childhood. For most of these people that idea of using traditional wire braces for an extended period of time just isn’t a viable option. These folks are looking for an alternative treatment, which is now available in the form of Midwood clear braces. Our dentist recommends the Invisalign system as a treatment option where it is appropriate. The system is favored by our patients because it is virtually invisible, no one will know you are straightening your teeth unless you tell them.

Midwood clear braces

First, Dr. Abraham Esses, DDS will give your mouth a complete examination including 3-D imaging to better understand your bite and which treatment options will work best, including whether Midwood clear braces Invisalign is right for your particular case. They will explain all the options to you in detail and answer all your questions and concerns, as well as giving you an illustration of what you can expect as a final result. If Invisalign is the treatment of choice the company will use the 3-D images to design a set of custom clear plastic trays, called aligners, for you. These trays are what gently push your teeth to their proper position. The Invisalign system uses no brackets or wires to straighten your teeth, there is nothing attached to the teeth. The aligners go over your teeth and are invisible to anyone looking at you. Each aligner in the series is worn for about two weeks and is then replaced by the next aligner in the series until the whole set has been worn. There are between 13 – 48 aligners in the series depending on the exact needs of your case.

Aside from being invisible Midwood clear braces have the advantage of the aligners being completely removable by the user at any time. While the aligners are generally worn all day and night they are taken out when eating and tooth brushing or flossing. This means that the user is free to eat anything they want without worrying about breaking the aligners, which can happen with traditional wire or ceramic braces. Teeth cleaning is also more effective because the aligners are removable. So, if you are considering teeth straightening please let us evaluate your mouth to see if Invisalign is right for you.