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Sheepshead Bay dentures

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Denture maintenance and care

Sheepshead Bay dentures
Sheepshead Bay dentures

Aside from the aesthetic disadvantages of missing teeth a mouth without teeth can cause problems with eating, speaking and the lack of teeth can cause the gums to shrink and the facial structure itself to change. Teeth restorations from Dr. Abraham Esses, DDS help patients with missing teeth, especially those that have no teeth or only a few teeth to regain their smile and their confidence through the use of Sheepshead Bay dentures.

There are two types of Sheepshead Bay dentures that our dentist uses – full and partial dentures. Full dentures are used to replace all the teeth on the upper or lower jaws while partial dentures replace a few teeth in one of the arches of the jaw. Dentures place artificial teeth that match your original teeth in size and color in a wire frame, which is then surrounded by a base that is made to match your gums. Our doctor will take digital images of your mouth and detailed impressions from which the dentures will be fabricated. Sometimes our doctor will have to extract some remaining teeth before dentures can be made. Conventional dentures will not be made until after the gum tissue has healed after an extraction so, the patient is usually without teeth for four to six weeks. Immediate dentures are placed directly after the extractions so there is no time spent without teeth but these dentures often need to be adjusted several times as the gum shrink after surgery.

While complete Sheepshead Bay dentures are mounted directly over the patient’s gum and secured with paste adhesive, partial dentures usually are connected to the existing teeth or gums through a metal hook that comes off the end of the framework. While dentures will ultimately make an incredible difference in your life they can be somewhat hard to get used to and need a period of adjustment until they become comfortable. Dentures need to be removed and cleaned daily with a soft brush and mild soaps or denture cleaners approved by the American Dental Association and wearers must remove them and soak the dentures overnight in a soaking solution. The patient must also brush their remaining teeth and gums to clear debris. Don’t live life without teeth make an appointment with our practice to learn more about dentures


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